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Windchill Glove
Short Cuff Padded Full-Finger Glove

RRP £29.99



Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Full finger glove with windproof & water resistant back hand
Windproof and water resistant back hand fabric
Palm gel zones over key pressure points to dampen vibration
Silicone finger and palm prints for grip
Microfibre palm with warm touch inner lining
Reflective back hand print
Lycra® wrist insert for fast pull-on access
Terry sweat wipes


Nylon 60%
Polyester 20%
Elastane 15%
PU 5%
What MountainBike – Windchill Glove Value Award
Score: 4/5
"The Windchill is an extremely well-specified glove for the money and keeps your hands surprisingly warm for such a sleek shape"
Bikes Etc Windchill Glove Review
Score: 8/10
"The attention to detail and multi-panel construction belies their relatively low cost. While the fabric used on the uppers does a good job of deflecting wind-chill, there’s not much additional insulation to cover the back of your hand. This will suit warm-blooded riders better than those who suffer with the cold, although both will appreciate the enhanced breathability and dexterity. Strangely, the palms have more insulation than the uppers, along with some additional gel padding. Unless you’re sold on finding a glove with an unadorned palm, we’d happily recommend these."
Cycling Active - Windchill Glove Review
Score: 7/10
"If there’s one company that should know a thing or two about producing autumn and winter gloves, it’s Edinburgh based Endura. I was expecting some good things from its Windchill gloves, and in general they were pretty good. There’s decent amount of insulation and the upper was impressively windproof...The gel padding on the palm helped to soak up the road vibrations and they were quite comfortable,"
Cycling Weekly Windchill Glove Review
Score: 7/10
"For the middle of the road price, there’s a decent amount of insulation and the windproofing kept my hands warm down into single figures...They are very comfortable though, with the gel padding soaking up road buzz, a useful feature on long rides of rougher roads."
What MTB - Windchill Glove - Value Award
Score: 4/5

"Great value kit that doesn't feel like the budget option... we were blown away by the cut, attention to detail and quality of this combination. Each piece works alone but used together they're fantastic and such is the Endura styling, you don't look obviously logo-ed up. The best thing about this outfit is the consistent quality, which carries through to the gloves where a combination of windproof/water resistant back and light flexible palm with strategically placed padding gives protection without too much heat on cooler days... Wind and waterproof with a flexible palm for comfort and control."

BIKE Windchill Glove Review

"Endura gefält mit troller Passform an Fingern und Innenhand.... Der Bund liegt auch ohne Klett gut an. (Sehr Gut)"

Size chart

Chest (inches) 35-37" 37-39" 39-41" 41-43" 43-45" 45-47" 47-49" 49-51"
Chest (cm) 89-94cm 94-99cm 99-104cm 104-109cm 109-114cm 114-119cm 119-124cm 124-129cm
Waist (inches) 29-31" 31-33" 33-35" 35-37" 37-39" 39-41" 41-43" 43-45"
Waist (cm) 74-79cm 79-84cm 84-89cm 89-94cm 94-99cm 99-104cm 104-109cm 109-114cm
Gloves (cm) 7cm 8cm 9cm 10cm 11cm 12cm


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