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Please fill out the form below to request Endura custom clothing samples. Samples are shipped the next day and we'll arrange a courier to pick them up again on a date you specify.

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Frequenly Asked Questions

Getting Started

I'm looking to get some custom cycling clothing for my team how do I start the process?
Visit our homepage to see details of how to order or email us and we will send you details on how to set up an order
What does WT mean?
This is our 'World Tour' range of garments as worn by Team Movistar (the number 1 ranked UCI professional cycle team every year since 2013) and Cervelo Bigla Women's UCI Professional Cycle Team.
Can members pay for their own orders?
Online ordering has a feature available, set by the account manager, to allow members to pay for their own orders and even have them delivered to their own address.

Sizing / Choice

Your size chart shows XXXXL but I can only order up to XXL why?
Our custom products run from size XS to XXL. Our sizing chart cover all Endura products not just custom (some of which have a larger size range).
How can I be sure what I order will fit me?
We can send your club sizing samples to try prior to ordering to make sure your happy with fit before you order. Fit of garments does vary. Typically in our range the top of the range WT level has a tighter race fit. You should still be the same size but these garments are designed to be tighter (so again we strongly recommend trying before you buy). Our D2Z suits are wind tunnel tested for maximum results and performance and are designed to fit perfectly in the riding position. As such even standing up straight in these maybe uncomfortable. Any suits must be tried for size before you buy.

sample request form

Is the sizing and fit the same as the main Endura range and items I have?
The products are developed in the same way but all items have a different design depending on their purpose and although sizing is generally the same personal preference plays a large part which is why we always recommend trying a sample of any item you're not familiar with.
The descriptions of some items mention that shortened and lengthened versions of some items are available; how much longer / shorter are they and is there a cost?
This option is available in our top end WT and QDC range. For most items there is a cost of £9 (+VAT) for variations although there are some items that allow this option FOC (WT race jersey, WT bibshorts and D2Z suits). As a general rule longer/shorter upper means 5cm difference in front body and long sleeves (2.5cm in short sleeves) and longer/shorter lower means 5cm difference in the leg length
Can I specify specific my own specific measurements for garments?
No. Unfortunately we are unable to tailor garments to specific measurements. The wide range of sizes available and the option on WT, QDC and D2Z garments to choose length variants, means there should be a fit perfect for you.
Can I specify which pad I want in my shorts?
Yes, you can on WT level where we offer 3 widths of our highly acclaimed 700 Series pad (click here for pad fit info). On most other shorts the default pad is the one which fits best for the purpose and has always been rigorously developed, tried and tested.


Will you help design my jersey?
Yes we can help set up the design and visual of your clothing. We always find it works much better when the seed of the idea comes from you, so all we need is a rough idea of what you want and for you to supply any logos that are to be applied - then we can do the rest.
Is there a charge for helping me to design my kit?
We don't charge for helping you with the design but there's a flat rate £75 (+VAT) artwork charge for each new print design set-up (if we've not produced that design before). This charge covers layout and pattern set up for all garments and includes email proofs and fabric colour samples. It will not be charged on subsequent orders using the same print design. If your order value is over £2000+ we will give you free artwork
Can I have any amount of colours or logos?
Yes, almost any colour (including fluorescent colours) is possible and there's no difference in cost regardless of design, colours or the amount of logos used.
Do I need to pay an artwork fee for plain colour items?
Usually there's a flat artwork charge of £75 (+VAT) regardless of design. If your artwork is a plain colour or extremely simple we may waive this.


Is there a minimum number you can order?
Yes, 15 garments per order (3 per item style) - of any mix of sizes.
Can I pay a surcharge and get fewer than the set minimums?
Yes, We can produce 8-14 garments for a surcharge of 20% and override the 3 minimum per item style within the order with a surcharge of 30% (for single item) and 10% for two items.
Are any items available as a single item in my custom print?
The only items we offer as a single item order are the QDC tri suit and the D2Z suits. Due to the high value of these items. For jerseys and shorts Endura do offer a single item purchase system where you can create your own artwork and order single items. You can find this service at www.endura.me

Are there any hidden charges?
No, the price includes all colours and printing and the good news is depending on your order size you may also get a discount. The only other costs involved are artwork (if new design), VAT (where applicable) and delivery (if outside UK).
Do you provide companies with accounts and special rates for ordering?
No, we sell direct to the public and discounts are based on order value/quantity.


Can I cancel or change my order after it's been placed online?
It depends on how your team have set up the online ordering. If no payment has been taken we may be able to adjust your order. If payment has been taken this means we have started the production process and it may too late to change.
I've received the garments I ordered and don't want them. Can I return it for a refund?
As this is custom clothing, designed and made specifically for you then we are unable to offer a refund if you simply don't like the clothing or have ordered the wrong size, particularly because of the efforts made to provide physical samples to check size and fit and the provision of 3D visualisations of the print design on the kit for approval prior to production. Of course in the case of any genuine fault/manufacturing issue we would inspect the item and resolve, replace or refund you.


What is the turnaround time on an order?
Production time fluctuates with seasonal demand. When you contact us we can let you know what current production times are and if ordering online you will see estimated dates of when your order is likely to be ready (based on when you submit the order to us).

Current average production time in weeks: 6
Can I pay extra and get my clothing quicker?
No, we don't offer an express service. We treat every order regardless of size with the same importance and realise how important it is to have your clothing on time and this is why we estimate our delivery times as accurately as possible and get every order to the customer as soon as it's ready.